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TAKAZONO China Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned China subsidiary of Takazono Japan Co., Ltd. Established in May 2015. The company's goal is to achieve Chinese pharmacy automation. The company is mainly responsible for the Japanese headquarters of the automatic pharmacy equipment in mainland China's promotion, sales, after-sales service.

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SYNEXMED has established a dedicated facility in China as its manufacturing base and received ISO 13485 certification since 2006. SYNEXMED facility has a floor space of 10,000 Ft2 including a 3,000 Ft2 cleanroom of Class 10,000. SYNEXMED has established the following engineering capability relating to the catheter manufacturing Balloon blowing/ forming, Balloon pleating/ folding/wrapping, Catheter welding/ tip attachment, Marker band swaging, UV bonding, Hub printing, Pouch sealing, Nitinol stent wiring and memory shaping, Packaging and labeling and ETO Sterilization.

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Has Experience for Trading of Medical Equipment for About 40 Years.

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We were jointly established by Japan Moririn Co., Ltd., FOLK Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Huatong State-owned Capital Operation (Group) Co., Ltd.It owns high-end medical clothing and professional working wear brands such as Soinscreer, ECOGREEN.Using advanced Japanese design concepts and processing technology, and our production plants and logistics centers provide a solid backing up for spot sales and your business.

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Since our establishment, we have been committed to energy and labor-saving technology, striving to develop unique products to meet the needs of our times. We have always believed in manufacturing people-oriented products.

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We Nichiban established in 1918 with operated 100 years this year as medical plaster manufacturer in Tokyo. Our head quarter located in Tokyo. Nichiban has made “creating useful products supporting comfortable living” its objective, developing leading technologies in adhesives and adhesion on the shoulders of the company's heritage in a wide array of fields.In this year’s CMEF we are pleased to introduce a variety of medical products with superior quality, particularly our hemostatic bandages for stop bleeding which is famous in Japan (STEPTY for vein, STEPTY-P for artery) and dressing film as CATHEREEPLUS and CATHEREEPLUS PAD

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MORIMOTO SEIMITSU SHAFT CO., LTD. had made an effort for the development of industry as a special manufacturer of highly accurate shaft since the establishment of a business of 1971.Today We have wide line-up from general-purpose shafts and slide shafts to precisely ball screw.

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Minato Medical Science founded in 1957 is a leading manufacturer with the largest share in various areas of the physiotherapy device market in Japan.“Super Track ST-2CL”, a 2-way automatic intermittent traction unit that enables both lumbar traction force and cervical traction force in 1 unit and “Aquatizer QZ-240”, a water massage bed generating unprecedented stimulations and a wide variety of massage modes using its 4 nozzles are displayed as our prime exhibits.Other Physical Therapy equipment such as Low-Frequency, Microwave, Infrared therapy unit & more are also displayed.Please visit us & experience the performance!

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Mist Spray, Ultrasonic and Mesh Nebulizer can use a wide range of drugs and can use in many ways. COMFORTʮ can adjust the position according to different requirements. It's very convenient to inhale for a long time, It's ideal for both home and hospital. Portable Sunction Unit with rechargeable battery is more convenient.

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Our company is a maker of medical instruments, specializing in surgical and dental products, and has expanded into global markets.

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Mist Spray, Ultrasonic and Mesh Nebulizer can use a wide range of drugs and can use in many ways. COMFORTʮ can adjust the position according to different requirements. It's very convenient to inhale for a long time, It's ideal for both home and hospital. Portable Sunction Unit with rechargeable battery is more convenient.

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Kaneko Group, founded in 1932 in Japan, started with wires industry. Currently Kaneko Group has established good cooperation relations with hundreds of customers worldwide, supplying the intervention class of catheter, guiding catheter, etc. We have over 80 years of extrusion forming technology, and all the integration of production can be done in our company, like PTFE, braiding and processing.

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ITO CO., LTD was founded in 1916, Japan’s first electrotherapy manufacture, exporting Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy equipment to over 100 countries worldwide. All products are produced at our factory in Japan by highly skilled engineers and state-of-the-art machinery. We apply complete quality control to provide high-quality products. We adhere to International Standards for Quality Control and have acquired ISO 13485, CE certifications. We ensure customer trust and to uphold our responsibility for product quality, safety, and effectiveness to meet strict standards and requirements.

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We are pleased to announce that Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd., a Japanese leading manufacturer of medical grade camera and monitor, is attending CMEF2019 Spring in Shanghai, China.We will exhibit our latest products for medical video solution: a real native 4K resolution medical grade camera MKC-X800, and a 4K 27-inch medical grade monitor MLW-2750UHD. Also, a new CIT camera technology and an ICG imaging technology will be shown in Technology Corner of our booth.Besides, we will show our high-end medical grade cameras, medical grade LCD monitors and a video recorder.

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Since commercializing the world's first fish finder in 1948, FURUNO has supplied many types of products for the marine electronics market. By using its exclusive knowledge of ultrasonic and electronics technologies, FURUNO has developed a wide array of products that have been world firsts and Japan firsts.We are expanding our business into the healthcare field, especially medical care, and are providing products for the early prevention of disease and monitoring treatment, utilizing the sensing technology which we have cultivated in the maritime field. Our medical products contribute to people staying healthy.

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FEATHER SAFETY RAZOR CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of high-precision cutting tools and has a wide-ranging product lineup, including microscalpels for ophthalmic surgery and disposable microtome blades and trimming knives for histology/pathology use.High precision and excellent quality of Feather products are made in Japan and have earned immeasurable trust from the users all over the world.

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SCIMEN is the world's leading medical equipment and medical technology company. We are committed to providing high quality and efficient diagnostic products and services as well as providing accurate and cost-effective solutions for disease detection, diagnosis, validation and treatment,supported by unsurpassed technical experience and after sale service and support.

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ASAHI INTECC, a Japan based company well known for PTCA guide wire, is producing dedicated wire components for a variety of medical devices. With over 40 years’ experience, we are confident that we can provide highly advanced technology, quality and technical consultation for our valued customers all over the world. Wire components: Torque Wirerope, Round-Wire Coil, Flat-Wire Coil, Torque Coil, Act One (Cable Tube) and Braided Tube which are for a variety of medical devices, such as Catheters, Endoscopes and Forceps etc.

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APOLLO RT is a group of young, dynamic, and professional    international managers; our Company focuses on manufacturing high-quality contrast media injectors, syringes & disposables, widely used in medical imaging field.We believe that our customers’ request is top priority and insist that high quality is essential. Our company’s culture is based on the need of our customers. We make sure that we can help them achieving their greatest value in diagnostics.Our purpose is to supply World Wide medical field through our current products and to develop innovative products in accordance to future needs and techniques.


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