MEDCONGRESS : CMEF Congress concurrent conference forums

CMEF concurrent forums, bring top academic wits and ideas together, meet the actual needs of different customer groups including governments at all levels, opinion leaders, academic experts, industry leading enterprises and related research institutions and invite interdisciplinary branches of Chinese Medical Association, Chinese Equipment Association, Chinese Hospital Association, Biophysical Society of China, China Association For Medical Devices Industry, as well as world-renowned enterprises to participate.

The forums cover five sections of clinical research, policy interpretation, technological innovation, healthcare finance and international cooperation and involve the various disciplines and industries of radiology, ultrasound medicine, nuclear medicine, laboratory medicine, minimally invasive surgery, surgical robotics, 3D printing, and the leadership of research and development. They provide comprehensive coverage and keys interpretation of medical device development trends, policy guidance and program discussion etc. from perspectives of academic progress, diagnostic methods, equipment safety, technical guidance, quality control, security, and other policies and measures. Meanwhile the forums provide the financial information platform regarding how enterprises rapidly develop dealers and get promotional loans etc.; help customers make targeted development planning from the aspects of equipment services, resource sharing and make good use of industry alliances etc. With enterprises’ latest technological advances, new products release conferences and more than 60 high-end academic forums where more than 300 speakers and nearly 4,000 representatives participate, it is indeed an academic feast of great value.